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Assessing Crop Production Potential for Biofuel Production. The Operational Assessment Tool ScalA-BF

The ScalA-BF tool supports decision makers with an interest in promotion of biofuel crop production. Objective of the tool ScalA-BF is to assists participatory identification of suitable biofuel crop alternatives and potential bottlenecks for a specific location. ScalA-BF method is a participatory tool that requires multi-stakeholder input, therefore ScalA-BF should be used for an evaluation of biofuel crop production potentials by means of multistakeholder workshops.


ScalA-BF Handbook

ScalA-BF is a tool for the evaluation of the likelihood of the successful adoption of a biofuel crop production system in specific local settings (a village or a community). The tool is designed for an evaluation prior to the start of the promotion of biofuel crop production. ScalA-BF therefore is an ex-ante assessment tool. The basic idea of ScalA-BF is a comparison of specific requirements of a biofuel crop production system and the specific conditions that are relevant for the production of this biofuel crop in a specific locality.


Tool description as powerpoint presentation

To assist workshop conductors in implementing the ScalA-BF toll into group work.



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